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It’s Spring! Let’s enjoy what spring has to offer.​

It’s Spring! Let’s enjoy what Spring has to offer.

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Hello everyone!
Welcome to my first art blog. Yay!
I’m so excited to be writing this! I’ve been thinking about doing an art blog for a while but for many reasons, it has not happened till now. Better late than never, so here I am in the spirit of all good and new!
After all, it’s spring! Well, it is springtime where I am in the UK, but it is windy and cold too. The weather has been so unpredictable lately. So, so, so… unpredictable! Just a few days ago, it was snowing!
But it’s still springtime, a time of beginnings and of unfolding of possibilities. I wonder how many new beginnings and unfoldings I’ll have this year? And given this new blog space, how many will we have together?
In the spirit of all things spring, let’s get ourselves out and about and enjoy what spring has to offer. Let’s start something new. Let’s start clearing out and creating space for the unfolding of new possibilities. More importantly, let’s see where this journey leads.
I wish you all a lovely season with lots of joy and of unfolding.
See you soon,

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